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Supporting Vulnerable Kids, Families and Communities

We had the opportunity to participate in a press conference with the Government of Alberta to speak about the Alberta Child and Family benefit indexation.


Please see Karen Olivier’s speech below: 

“We would like to thank the Government of Alberta, and Minister Amery, for inviting CTH to speak here today about the Alberta Child and Family Benefit increase.

At Closer to Home, we support children and families by delivering community programs and family services to build the skills and connections necessary to break free from cycles of poverty, isolation and trauma. Closer to Home’s programs focus on building family resilience and capacity, addressing youth mental health needs, family homelessness, and providing affordable housing and in-care programs for children and youth.

Through our work, we see parents struggling to make ends meet every day – meaning that more often than not, parents and caregivers are making desperate decisions about whether to pay the rent or utilities and worrying each day about running short on food for their children. It is heartbreaking to see the issues related to poverty become all-consuming for families—they are truly in survival mode.   Alberta’s most vulnerable families cannot make their dollar stretch any further, and as the cost of living continues to rise, it is essential that the Alberta government steps in to support the families who need it most.

The 6 per cent increase to the Alberta Children and Family Benefit is happening at a critical time and will positively benefit those who need it. This increase will provide vulnerable families across Alberta with additional financial support so that, hopefully, they do not have to choose between food and heat. It can provide their children with a better quality of life, support their overall well-being and give them equal opportunities.  

But the work doesn’t stop here – Closer to Home, along with agencies province-wide that serve and support children, youth and families every day in Alberta, are committed to ensuring that all families are provided with the resources and supports needed to thrive and achieve their full potential. “

To see the Government of Alberta’s news release and full press conference video, click the button below: