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Lexus of Calgary: Supporting kids, youth and families for seven years, and counting.

You may have heard or read, that Adopt-a-Family is driven by Lexus of Calgary, and we’d like to highlight their significant contribution to Closer to Home over the past few years. 

Lexus of Calgary is a family-owned luxury car dealership that has been serving Calgarians for the past thirty-one years. And since 2016, they have supported the Adopt-a-Family initiative through generous sponsorships and spreading awareness about the opportunities available through Closer to Home for vulnerable kids, youth, and families – right here in Calgary. 

Leah Page, the Marketing Specialist at Lexus of Calgary, shared that their involvement with Adopt-a-Family allows them to assist fellow Calgarians during a difficult time of year, knowing that not every family can be free from financial pressures during the holiday season. Lexus of Calgary hopes their support can help families create memories during this joyful time, as every family should have the chance to.  

When Lexus of Calgary was considering charitable organizations to support for the holiday season, Closer to Home was a natural choice, said Leah. She shared that the team at Lexus has an overwhelming desire to help their community and Closer to Home’s initiative aligned perfectly with that. They knew they could help make a difference in the lives of kids, youth, parents, and caregivers, and they are doing just that with their continued support for our initiative.  

We asked if Lexus of Calgary had a message for those who are considering a holiday donation; Leah shared:

“think of the additional stress that would come with the holiday season if you didn’t have the financial means to celebrate and make memories with your family. By supporting this program, you are helping a single mom and her kids, parents who are struggling financially, a dad who doesn’t have the means to buy gifts and must make a difficult choice – food vs. heat in the house or a family of 12 who just can’t make ends meet this year. You can give the gift of joy through gift cards to help purchase a holiday dinner or gifts for their family members.”

Closer to Home is incredibly grateful for Lexus of Calgary’s participation and support over the last seven years. We truly appreciate Lexus of Calgary’s dedication to the community and its impact on the Adopt-a-Family program. From all of us here at Closer to Home, we would like to extend a big thank you to Lexus of Calgary. Your continued support and contributions are appreciated – you are making a difference for kids and families this holiday season. 

Blog written by: Jess Donnelly

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