North Central Family Resource Network

Closer to Home’s North Central Family Resource Network (FRN) builds family resiliency with programs and services for children, youth and families in north central Calgary communities.

The North Central Family Resource Network serves communities north of 16th Ave and west of Deerfoot Trail to Crowchild Trail.

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About the North Central FRN

The North Central FRN is coordinated by Closer to Home, delivering a range of services and programs along with Catholic Family Service, Big Brothers Big Sisters and Trellis. Programs promote healthy child/youth development, strengthen parent/caregiver capacity to meet their family’s needs, and facilitate building strong community connections and support for families.

Families may self-refer to FRN programs. If you have any questions, families and service providers are invited to contact the FRN to learn about resources that will help them address concerns and build family strengths.

I’ve found many opportunities to learn skills, exchange ideas, share feelings of happiness and sorrow among friends, and to build good friendships.
Women’s Group Participant

Contact Information

3-176 Bedford Dr. NE, Calgary, AB, T3K 2M9
Phone: (403) 543-0555
Fax: (403) 543-0560

Need Assistance?

Closer to Home’s North Central Family Resource Network is currently open by appointment only and we will provide an update for when we fully open our doors. Families can access services by calling or emailing to make an appointment. Families and service providers may call our central intake line at (403) 543-0555.