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Urgent Call for Donations to Closer to Home’s Adopt-a-Family Initiative as Community Need Soars.

Last year, Closer to Home’s Adopt-a-Family saw a record number of families registered, but the need has increased by 40% this year. Without financial help from Calgarians now, Closer to Home will have to turn families away without providing support during the holidays. As of today, there are 640 families registered for the initiative, an additional 150 on the waiting list, and only 230 families adopted by a donor.

With even more impacts on vulnerable families this year—inflation, job insecurity—the need for financial support during the holidays has grown exponentially; Closer to Home is seeing this impact first-hand through the record number of families registered in their Adopt-a-Family initiative. As a result, the agency urgently calls on Calgarians to support families in need this year through Adopt-a-Family.

Unfortunately, the reality is that hundreds of families are facing financial strains, meaning the holiday experience that many of us take for granted is simply out of reach. But,  Adopt-a-Family can help; this initiative provides gift cards to families instead of physical gifts, so parents can choose what is critical for their family—diapers, new winter boots, mittens or even food to stock the pantry during the holiday season.

With only limited time left and hundreds of families left to support, Closer to Home urgently calls on the community to support vulnerable families this holiday. They hope to receive all donations by December 15 to ensure families can purchase what they need before the holidays. However, Closer to Home will accept donations after that to ensure all families have been adopted.

Kindness is what the holiday season is truly about, and by supporting Adopt-a-Family, donors can let a mom, dad, caregiver or child know that someone in the community cares about them and their family. Through the help and generosity of Calgarians, they can make the season brighter for those who need it most— neighbours, peers and those we pass on the street.

“We are seeing the need grow across all of our programs, but most significantly in Adopt-a-Family,” says Karen Olivier, Chief Executive Officer. “We know the current economic impacts are providing significant challenges for vulnerable families across Calgary. But with community support, we can ensure that all families are supported now and well into the future, “

Any amount donated will make a huge difference for those who need it most this year. Please give to Adopt-a-Family – the last day to donate is December 15, 2022.  

How to donate: Visit our website at closertohome.com/aaf and select your donation amount.




To schedule an interview with Karen Olivier, Chief Executive Officer at Closer to Home, please contact:

Gillian MacDonald
Communications Specialist, Closer to Home Community Services