Our Impact

Since 1995, we have made significant positive impacts in the lives of children, youth, families and communities. We bring people together to heal, learn, grow and thrive so they can be resilient when facing life’s challenges today and into the future.

Together with Closer to Home, families and communities can ensure social issues like poverty, mental health and social exclusion are addressed and positive futures are created.

Did You Know

  • Children experience an average of 4 traumatic events before coming into our foster care program
  • 11 languages are spoken by our staff: English, Cree, French, Nepali, Hindi, Arabic, Dutch, Persian/Farsi, Vietnamese, Greek, Urdu

Volunteers and Donors – 2020/2021

  • 67 volunteers contributed 1,385 hours of their time
  • 432 donors contributed $786,556 of financial support

Our Impact – 2020/2021

  • 93% of participants felt an increased sense of belonging within the Indigenous community.
  • 93% of participants felt an increased sense of empowerment and ability to address issues as they arise in their lives.
  • 100% of youth in group care reported an increased number of friends, family members and others who provide emotional support and assistance.
  • 95% of parents in our early intervention and prevention programs reported improvement in their knowledge of community resources.