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Top 4 Tips From Our Foster Parents

Check it out! Our Closer to Home Foster Parents gave us their best advice on fostering:

    1. “Be compassionate with these kids, who don’t have their parents at their side, and give them so much love because that’s what they are hungry for.”


    1. “Don’t be afraid to fail. Closer to Home provides great training and support. [Closer to Home] has a reputation for doing thorough training and being very supportive with difficult kids. They won’t let you fall on your face.”


    1. “You never have to feel alone in the process. Closer to Home provides 24/7 on-call support.”


    1. “Take things slow. Meet the child where they are at and go forward in baby steps. The rewards are sometimes not immediate – do not take that personally. Celebrate the joys.”


Interested in learning more about becoming a foster parent? Call us at (403) 543-0550 or visit our Foster Care page.