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Your Support Makes a Long-Term Impact

Our very own Dean Mullin, Board Director, once said:

“…when someone has been helped, they pay it back many times over.”

Thanks to your ongoing support of our year-round programs and services, families who were once in need really do have an opportunity to pay it forward. Whether it’s our Adopt-a-Family initiative that helped over 340 families including 1,400 people this past Christmas, our In-Home Support programs, or any of our other services, our hope is to see that the families we serve are eventually in a position to give back. Reciprocity comes back through new skills, resources and information families have to feel successful and confident.

Take Nancy* for example, a new Canadian who learned small business skills in our Women’s Group program and then gave back to Closer to Home by volunteering her time in another program. Or, Jake*, a youth who lived in one of our group homes, who learned to be an advocate for himself and others, and recently called us up to nominate his neighbour’s struggling family to receive gifts and grocery support from Adopt-a-Family. Or, Melissa*, a former program participant who learned about her Indigenous culture and skills to care for her young children and later, was successful at finding employment at Closer to Home so she can help others like herself. Or, Judy*, a donor who was supported as a child by an agency like Closer to Home when her Dad was unable to care for them, and is now giving back by adopting a family every Christmas as a reminder to herself that life can be fragile.

These are the stories from this past year. They illustrate the impact you make long-term when you invest in Closer to Home and when you believe in the strengths of families in our community. We couldn’t do this work without you.

Life certainly has its ups and downs. If you are experiencing a challenge in your life, please call us. We are here to help.

— Karen Olivier, Chief Executive Officer


*Names changed to protect privacy