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Chambers Plan Prairie Region: Charity of Choice

“At the end of the day, we want to continue to invest in our community, nurture future community leaders, and be a positive light with those we interact with.”

Closer to Home is so pleased to have been chosen as Chambers Plan Prairie Region’s Charity of Choice! CTH is fortunate to have donors who start with a specific donation pillar of their choice and continue to grow their support, and Chambers Plan Prairie Region did just that.

Chambers Plan Prairie Region started their support of CTH with our Adopt-a-Family campaign, back when donors would get a list of items a family was asking for and then purchase those items. At that time, the team at Chambers Plan received a family’s request from the father; they were looking for essential items like a toothbrush, toothpaste, and shampoo, which helped put in perspective the importance of their support. That’s why the Chambers Plan team hugely supports the Adopt-a-Family program.

Ken Willoughby, Regional Marketing Director of Chambers Plan Prairie Region, says: “Being in insurance, we are unfortunately put in positions where sometimes the answer must be ‘no.’ When it comes to helping the community through our Closer to Home partnership, I’m glad our team’s answer can always be ‘yes!'”

Last year, Chambers Plan was looking for a Charity of Choice to support. They felt connected to Closer to Home because of our work to build community and support children and families and chose to increase their involvement. Closer to Home’s values align closely with the values of Chamber’s Plan, and our work resonates in the hearts of its team. 

Chambers Plan also has a personal connection to Closer to Home’s work. Danielle Willoughby shared that they have members who have struggled through childhood and overcome adversity to become successful and single parents who have relied on the support of friends and family through dark times. At Chambers Plan, they believe no matter your circumstance, you deserve access to resources and support to help you become the best version of yourself.

Danielle says that building and supporting the next generation of children and youth is one of the most impactful things an organization can do. “The programs CTH has in place to support our community and their effect is truly incredible,” she notes.

It’s easy to give but hard to find organizations where you’re given the opportunity to participate in the change. Seeing kids smile during a dance class or getting handwritten thank you cards from families makes the donation of time and money more than just something on paper; it’s real and meaningful!
Danielle Willoughby

With a shared vision and common goals, Chambers Plan truly believes that if kids, youth and families are provided with the proper support and opportunities to thrive, we will see them become leaders and active participants in our community. “One of the reasons we love CTH is because they teach people to become resilient. They provide our community with the tools and resources they need to be successful and continue that success beyond just one summer camp, one class or one donation.”

“Being able to be a part of teaching a dance class at their summer camp program was an incredibly rewarding experience. I had no clue going into it how many kids benefited from the program, and watching them have opportunities they may otherwise not have had was eye-opening. I left with my cheeks hurting from smiling.

When we donate our time or money, we often don’t see the benefits; however, working with the children gave me a full-circle moment. Closer to Home is a cherished organization by our team, and we believe in and support their efforts to facilitate growth and belonging for families in our community” says Laura Knauff

We are so grateful for the support Chambers Plan Prairie Region has provided to the kids, youth and parents/caregivers we serve. Because of them, we have been able to support more youth, offer dance classes at summer camp, and support more families with our annual Adopt-a-Family campaign. Thank you, Ken, Danielle, Annette, and the Chambers Plan Prairie Region team, for your commitment to supporting vulnerable families in our community.

Marlee, Closer to Home’s Community Relations Specialist, says, “support from community champions like the Chamber’s Plan Prairie Region team ensures that we can continue providing meaningful, targeted support to the children and families we serve. Chambers Plan offers more support than we could ask for—from financial gifts to spreading the word of our vision and mission in the community to having boots on the ground in our programs like our Summer in the City Summer Camp and everything in between. We deeply value their commitment and look forward to partnering with them in the years to come.”

Who is Chambers Plan Prairie Region?

The Chambers Plan is a non-profit group benefits program for businesses with 1-50 employees. We excel at providing high-quality benefits at stable prices and integrate with local chambers to reinvest in our local communities. As a regional team of 7, we manage the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Our sales team is around 100, and our advisors are dedicated to providing the best group benefits advice in the industry!