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Meet the Presenting Sponsor of Adopt-a-Family 2023!

Who is Lexus of Calgary?

Lexus of Calgary is a local family-owned business which has been rooted in the Calgary community since 1990. Lexus of Calgary is a close-knit team with many employees who have been there for years and know your vehicle inside and out. 

At Lexus of Calgary, they believe that “trust, respect and a genuine desire to provide exceptional customer care are the cornerstones of a great relationship.” The team always works hard to ensure that every guest leaves our dealership feeling confident about their experience and wanting to share it with others! 

We wanted to know more about why Lexus of Calgary continues to support Closer to Home’s annual Adopt-a-Family campaign, and here’s what their team had to say with our Q&A! 

Q: Why do you continue to support the Adopt-a-Family Campaign? 

A: Lexus of Calgary supports Closer to Home’s Adopt-a-Family initiative to help vulnerable families in Calgary during the holiday season. The dealership has supported the program since 2016 and believes it is our duty to give back to the local community.

Q: Why do you think giving to the community is important? 

A: Supporting Closer to Home’s Adopt-a-Family initiative is important because it empowers parents and caregivers to buy what they know they need for their families during the holiday season. Lexus of Calgary’s driving motivation to continue supporting Adopt-a-Family is to make a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable families in Calgary

Q: Lexus of Calgary has sponsored AAF since 2016–wow! We would like to know the story behind your sponsorship. 

A: Lexus of Calgary has been a proud sponsor of AAF for six years and supports the program because it believes it is essential to support kids and families in our community. The dealership has been rooted in the Calgary, Alberta, community since 1990 and is committed to giving back to the local community. 


Through supporting Closer to Home’s Adopt-a-Family campaign, the team at Lexus of Calgary hopes to make a positive difference in the lives of vulnerable families in Calgary by supporting this campaign year after year. To see the impact is significant to our entire team.

The team at this dealership feels it is their duty to give back to our local community, and to do this; they support many local charities each year in and around the Calgary area. By partnering with Closer to Home, we know donations will reach the right person/family who needs it the most. With Closer to Home’s annual campaign, we know that our support will bring light to many families, especially during the festive season.

Lexus of Calgary would like to extend its warmest wishes to families looking for holiday support this season. Lexus believes each child, youth and parent/caregiver deserves a happy holiday season and is proud to support Closer to Home’s Adopt-a-Family initiative.

On behalf of those we serve and our team at Closer to Home, we are incredibly grateful for Lexus of Calgary’s ongoing commitment to kids, youth and families. With their generosity and support, we can continue to make the holiday season a little brighter for those in our community who need it most.

Thank you, Lexus of Calgary!