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A Conversation with Knowledge Keeper Naamahkamota Darcy Turning Robe

We are honoured to work with and walk alongside many Indigenous leaders in our community, including Naamahkamota Darcy Turning Robe, a Siksika Knowledge Keeper and Closer to Home’s Indigenous Program Facilitator, with our Ee-Des-Spoom-Ooh-Soop program. We had the opportunity to sit down with Naamahkamota to discuss the following important dates that take place in June:

  • Indigenous History Month and Pride Month
  • June 16: Father’s Day
  • June 16 to June 22: Aboriginal Awareness Week
  • June 21: National Indigenous Peoples Day 

We want to thank Naamahkamota for sharing these valuable teachings and the Blackfoot language with us; please take time to listen to him and his teachings on these crucial topics. Naamahkamota provides each teaching in Blackfoot first, then in English.

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