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Every Child Matters

The discovery in May 2021 of the remains of 215 children in Kamloops has brought to the forefront the tragedy of the residential school system and the systemic oppression of Indigenous peoples.

Closer to Home mourns alongside the Indigenous community for the lost children all across Canada, and recognizes the devastating impact this part of Canadian history has on Indigenous families, communities and the people. We stand as allies with the Indigenous community in their hurt and grief.

Though the news is very upsetting, we have a collective responsibility to resist the urge to avoid or “move on.” National Indigenous Month gives us opportunities to learn more and commit to a better future. Some ways to learn more include:

As we know better, we can do better.

Closer to Home offers programs and services so that we can do our part to contribute to stronger families and children who thrive. We aim to create space for Indigenous voices to be heard so they can lead the way in defining what it means to heal and thrive, as people and as a community. We reaffirm our commitment to walk in Truth and Reconciliation.