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Want to Make a Difference for Families in Your Community?

Closer to Home is committed to helping kids and families in Calgary year-round. Whether we are providing counselling and guidance to families in crisis, preventing homelessness through referrals and support, or providing parenting or in-home support, everything we do is guided by our mission of Empowering Families to Stay Together.

Thanks to our donors and funders, we are able to support over 1,500 people each year through our programs and services.

How Can You Make An Impact?

Donate today to support our Family Assistance Fund and help us support families year-round. This program provides emergency supports for families who are facing unexpected crises.

Imagine…Sophia, a single mother of three, recently found out she lost her job. Suddenly, the most basic necessities were out of reach: her mortgage, bills, and children’s hungry mouths couldn’t wait.

Over the last 22 years, Closer to Home has seen more than 50,000 stories like Sophia’s. Through the Family Assistance Fund, we are able to relieve families’ greatest, immediate stresses and empower them to focus on making positive, long-term changes.

When you donate to the Family Assistance Fund, you will be helping to:


    • Bridge the gap for families who have hit a “speed bump,” such as those at risk of utility disconnection, those requiring rent subsidy to avoid eviction, or families needing bus tickets to get to interviews and appointments


    • Support the health and well-being of children and youth through recreational opportunities


    • Provide food security for at-risk families


    • And more…



Donate Today to Help Local Families!