A Full Circle Moment

This past Christmas, we were able to support a record number of families, thanks to all our donors.

From new donors providing generous and year-round support like the Calgary Lexus Dealers to longtime supporters including students and teachers from local school, Calgary Academy, to our wonderful Adopt-a-Family title sponsor, McQuiston Executive Wealth Group, to staff members at local businesses, families and individuals – you all took a moment to think of less fortunate families and stepped forward to help them out during Christmas.

Stories like Dina’s* inspire all of us to give back to our community whenever we can, despite our own challenges.

Dina moved to Calgary from Eastern Europe three years ago to escape armed conflict. Like many families in a new country, the first year was stressful for Dina and her 6-year-old son.  She was looking for a job, trying to connect with new neighbors and also get her son enrolled in school.

More families than ever before were supported through Closer to Home’s 2016 Adopt-a-Family initiative, presented by McQuiston Executive Wealth Group.

When researching local community organizations for possible support, she learned about Closer to Home She was received counselling and referral services. And, since Christmas was approaching, she was also referred to our Adopt-a-Family initiative. Her son was all smiles after receiving the gifts he had wished for and Dina was thankful to Closer to Home and her donor. Mom and son had not expected their Christmas to be this bright only few weeks earlier!

As time passed by, Dina and her son began to settle into their new home. Dina found a job and her son was doing well in the school. Moved by the support she received from CTH, she started volunteering for the agency in her free time.

Last year, considering the increased need in our community during Christmas, CTH called upon its supporters to help out and we received an overwhelming response, including Dina and over 200 new donors! Dina was thrilled to be able to give back to families who needed support in a way she once had. She signed up as a donor and enabled us to provide Christmas gifts to more families in need.  It was a full-circle moment for the staff at the agency who knew her.

On behalf of the families who received support during Christmas 2016, we thank Dina and all of our donors for your generous community spirit. With your support, we’re confident that we will continue supporting families like Dina’s in 2017, and perhaps we will see another full circle moment next Christmas.


* Name changed to protect privacy