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Making It Happen: Layl, Human Resources Administrator

While managing a career and a family leaves some parents feeling frazzled, Layl, Closer to Home’s Human Resources Administrator, seems to have found a nice balance.

“For me, it’s about getting to do what I love and what I believe in:  I love my family and I very much believe in what
we do as an organization.  Balancing those two things is what makes me excited about coming to work and getting out of bed.  That is my success,” says Layl.

Before arriving at Closer to Home, Layl worked and volunteered in a variety of non-profit and corporate positions. She volunteered as a social worker with refugee camps in Lebanon, worked in the communications department at the United Nations, worked in human resources at Doctors Without Borders and at Safeway Canada.

Then she realized that the combination of human resources and non-profit work is exactly what she wanted and where her heart is.

She came to Closer to Home, taking care of all aspects of human resources including recruitment, onboarding of new staff, employee relations, policy development and managing the volunteer program.  Then, she went on maternity leave for one year.  Now that she is back at work, she’s thankful to have a flexible schedule, which allows her to spend more time with her children.

Her work day is varied as she goes through her to-do list.  Some days she works on special projects and other days she is busy interviewing new potential employees.  Overall, she works hard to make sure employees feel safe and secure talking to human resources and knowing they can rely on her to bring forward concerns and questions.  “My favourite part about my job is the connections I make with staff.  I love building relationships with employees and seeing their progress.”

Layl also enjoys hearing from the Program Managers at Closer to Home when they talk about the connections that the new hires are building with the families they serve.  “Connections are the baby steps to building their journey to success and empowering families to stay together,” Layl says. “As an HR professional, finding the right candidates is my success.  I am here to help find the right staff that can build these relationships with kids and families.”

When asked what she thinks makes Closer to Home special, Layl laughs, “That is an easy one!  Definitely the people.  It is amazing the passion staff have to support their clients.  It’s incredible.  You see that at every level of the organization.  They all have the passion to support the people that need it most.  It’s heartwarming; definitely special.”

At the end of her day, Layl arrives home, before the kids, to prepare dinner.  Then, when her husband and kids arrive home it’s time to eat, play, have bath time and story time.  Finally, Layl describes a new routine she started with her 4 year old son.  “We lay in bed and just talk for 10 or 15 minutes.  I ask him about his day and he tells me stories.  Recently he started asking me questions too, like ‘how many meetings did you have today?’”

Her weekends are reserved for family time and she makes the most of it.  Outside of work, Layl loves to travel, dance and play with her kids.  She also loves sleeping “Well…before kids,” she laughs.

She has achieved a good balance that aligns with what she values the most.   She loves her schedule and her time off during the week to catch up at home or to be with her children.  “I do individual dates with my kids,” Layl says.  “It’s fun.  They love it and they feel special.”

Layl is currently recruiting Overnight and Relief staff at Closer to Home.  For more information or to apply, please visit our website at www.closertohome.com.