Host a Community Fundraiser

Women And Children Running Charity Bake Sale

Imagine the difference you can make in the lives of children and youth right here in Calgary.

You can help children from low-income families experience the excitement of summer camp. You can help youth separated from their families find a special place to call home until they can be reunited. You can help new parents ‘start right’ and learn how to best support their baby’s development. You can make a difference.

Start planning your community fundraiser today! Here are some easy ideas to help you spread the word about Closer to Home and raise dollars for our vital programs:

  • Skip the Coffee:Start your morning off with a cup of hot java? You’re not alone: 65% of Canadians drink coffee every day. Challenge your coworkers to ‘skip the coffee’ and for each day they do, have them donate the $2 they saved. Collect the donations in a jar and display them to ramp up the competition! Could you outlast your colleagues?
  • Scrub Cars Clean: Organize your little ones and host a community car wash! With a little elbow grease, your kids can make an important contribution and help other kids in their community. Perhaps they’d like to help kids from low-income families take part in our special summer camp?
  • Clean Out the Clutter: Doing your annual spring cleaning? Collect your unwanted items and dedicate a weekend afternoon to a garage sale. Or even easier – try an online platform like Kijji and turn your clutter into cash for Closer to Home!

Best of all, we’re here to support you along the way. Just an email or phone call away, we’re happy to share ideas and success stories to inspire you, help with your planning, and provide guest speakers to tell our story. We can also share info materials with you or help promote your event online.

Ready to get started, or need more information? Please contact Karolina at or

(403) 543-0550 Ext 235.