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Adopt-a-Family Shopping Tips

Signed up for Adopt-a-Family and ready to start shopping? These handy tips from our volunteer gift shoppers and past donors should help make your experience easy and fun.

Remember the suggested gift value guidelines of $100 per family member for gifts plus $50 per family member for a grocery gift card

 Shopping Tips:



    • Print off your family’s wish list or save a copy to your mobile device to bring with you.


    • Determine in advance which items from the wish list you will prioritize, and ensure you are allocating your budget evenly across each family member.


    • If you are shopping as a group, consider assigning each person (or smaller groups) to one family member each, or one type of item each (i.e. bathroom supplies, clothing, etc.), and make sure everyone has a copy of the wish list!


    • Try to organize your shopping list by item type to reduce the amount of trips between stores or sections of a store. For example, pick up all of the bathroom items first, then move onto clothing, then toys, etc.


    • Keep track of the items you’re purchasing and how much you’re spending to ensure everyone in the family has an even amount of gifts and you’re not going over budget!



Finished Shopping?

Once you have completed your shopping, you can start organizing your gift package and schedule a time to drop it off at the Closer to Home office (3507A 17th Avenue SW)! Check out the Gift Drop-Off Checklist for tips on how to package your gifts and make sure you’re prepared to drop them off.

Drop-Off Deadline: December 17, 2019

 Schedule your gift drop-off time here: https://bit.ly/CTHAAF2019