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3 Easy Tips to Get Your Kids to Listen More and Argue Less

As adults, we should teach children to use basic skills such as how to follow instructions, accept feedback, raise concerns or disagree appropriately. By practicing these skills with your child regularly, they learn to listen more and argue less.

1. From an early age, teach your child what your expectations are when you ask them to do something. Have them practice looking at you, saying okay, completing the task and checking back with you, and then reward them with something that motivates them.


2. Be consistent! By having the same expectations for your child, you provide them with safety, security and predictability. When expectations change due to a child arguing, you are showing your child that outcomes can be changed by engaging in inappropriate behaviours and inadvertently teaching them to argue.


3. Provide your child with opportunities to practice using skills such as raising a concern or disagreeing appropriately. Teach them how to do what is asked, and equip them with the skills needed to make informed decisions, say no when necessary and question what is being asked of them when they do not understand.

Written by Bessie Dudu