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Community Builder 2018: Camp Chestermere

For over 12 years, Camp Chestermere has been welcoming youth from our Teaching Homes to their overnight summer camps, offering Closer to Home a steep discount for each child. Without this, we wouldn’t be able to give our kids this exciting and valuable experience, where they get to participate in activities like archery, tubing, art and more.

“Most of our kids have never been to an overnight camp before,” says Kandi Santerno, Program Manager for the Teaching Homes. “The staff at Camp Chestermere are always amazing, working with us to help our kids be successful and stay in camp, and always welcoming them back no matter how challenging their behaviour can be.”

Kandi says this camp has had a significant impact on our kids, and that impact continues even after camp ends. “It gives them a sense of normalcy,” she says. “They can go back to school in the fall and tell their peers about this awesome experience they had during their summer break. It helps them feel like they fit in.”

Congratulations to Camp Chestermere for being awarded with our inaugural Community Builder award!