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Journey to Healing

When Josh* first came to Closer to Home at the young age of 9, he often felt angry and anxious. Behind the freckles dancing on his face and dark eyes, a history of trauma left a wound that made it difficult for him to regulate his emotions. He needed a safe space to heal. Mature beyond his years, Josh was determined to feel better and do better.

For a short time, Josh lived in one of Closer to Home’s Community Teaching Homes, where he learned many essential skills such as how to communicate and express his feelings. While he was there, his family worked closely with a Family Specialist in our Family Matters program. The intensive support program helped his family learn new skills, while strengthening their abilities to overcome their challenges. Over time, the family’s confidence blossomed.

Soon, Josh was ready to be reunited with his family. His grandmother, Trish*, welcomed him home with open arms and an understanding heart. It was a special day for the two “peas in a pod”, who share a special kinship and sense of humour.

Today, Josh is enjoying his summer at home, making new friends, playing golf and soaking up the sun. Although healing will take a long time and, like any family, Trish and Josh will face challenges, they are thrilled to be on this journey together knowing that our dedicated staff will always be here, guiding and supporting them along the way.

*Names changed to protect privacy

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