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Become a Foster Parent

Imagine Sam, the child you are fostering, is at your door.

Sam’s life began in a loving household but, at age seven, his life was turned upside down. His mom grew absent and his grandparents were unable to care for the young child.

With no other extended family in his life, he was placed in your care.

Now 20 years old, the university student who spent the most challenging year of his life in a Closer to Home foster home proudly describes his time with Ed and Maggie, who fostered him through this tumultuous time.

“We always made French Toast on Saturdays. We still do when I visit. That’s what helped me feel like I was truly part of this family,” Sam remembers.

The transition into his foster home was challenging but, in the end, Ed and Maggie provided Sam with the commitment and stability he needed to grow into a capable young boy. Meanwhile, Sam’s mom worked on what she needed to in order to have him permanently return to her.

Over time, Sam’s mom gained confidence in her abilities as a mom. She enjoyed visiting Sam at his foster home on weekends. She felt encouraged by Ed and Maggie who were committed to helping Sam successfully return home.

Yes, there were good days, but there were long, emotional days too. When Ed and Maggie felt like they needed a listening ear, even in the middle of the night, they could contact their Closer to Home support worker 24/7.

The connection Sam shared with his mom strengthened with each visit. Ed and Maggie supported his mom, invited her to their home for dinners, and helped her improve her parenting skills. She too became part of the family. She shared the highs and lows.

Closer to Home provided Sam’s mom with family resources and connections to parenting groups in the community. Nearly one year later, Closer to Home staff successfully advocated for Sam to return permanently to his mom.

Now twenty, Sam is pursuing a degree in social work. He keeps in touch with his foster parents and regularly visits them. He credits their unconditional support for helping him succeed, and helping him return home, where he belonged.

Imagine having this kind of impact on a child’s life. You can help one of the many young people in Calgary and surrounding areas who temporarily requires the safety and consistency that foster families can provide.

Learn more about Closer to Home’s Foster Care Program here. Still have questions? Contact us at (403) 2-FOSTER (403.236.7837) or fostercare@closertohome.com.

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