Christmas Comes Closer to Home: Calgary Herald Christmas Fund 2013

We are excited to announce that Closer to Home was recently selected as a 2013 Calgary Herald Christmas Fund recipient.

The Calgary Herald Christmas Fund was established by Calgary Herald employees in 1991 to raise funds and awareness around critical issues in our city.  The campaign raises the profile of some of the city’s most critical social issues and the service agencies that are addressing these issues.

Funds raised through this year’s campaign will be divided among 12 charities in Calgary, including Closer to Home. In addition, a portion of this year’s Christmas Fund will be directed to the Calgary Foundation’s flood relief efforts, which is new and unique to the campaign this year.

Closer to Home’s share will be directed towards the Domestic Conflict Response Team (DCRT) and its expansion in Calgary. This campaign will create awareness for our organization and raise critical funds for the DCRT program.

The DCRT is a partnership between CTH, HomeFront, Calgary and Area Child and Family Services Authority and the Calgary Police Service.  Its mandate is to provide collaborative, timely and effective assessment, intervention and connection to community services for people dealing with chronic or high risk incidents of domestic conflict. It primarily focuses on situations where no charges have been laid, but the case is considered to be chronic or high risk with repeat or escalating domestic conflict.

Currently the DCRT is expanding city wide with a police officer and a community outreach worker operating out of every police district.

Thanks to the Calgary Herald, its media partners and generous contributions from Christmas Fund donors, Christmas is coming Closer to Home.  The campaign will create awareness about our organization, while raising funds the DCRT program.

In the coming weeks, watch for  articles about Closer to Home and the DCRT in the Calgary Herald, and listen to stories on UP! 97.7 FM radio and Global TV.  And, please consider Closer to Home in your holiday giving plans this Christmas.