Use Your POWER For Good!

Closer to Home has been selected as a community partner of Sponsor Energy, a new power retailer in Alberta.

Consumers can switch to Sponsor Energy to save money on their electricity bill and donate to charity at no additional cost.  Half of Sponsor Energy’s profits on power consumption are donated to the customer’s charity of choice.

Too good to be true?  No, not at all.  Sponsor Energy is dedicated to its customers and to the community in which it operates.  It has a unique business model, which is based on its core values of social change and making a difference.  The company does not inflate its prices in order to give back to charities.  Sponsor Energy has made a clear business decision to take reduced profits in order to support the charitable sector.  In reality, they are less expensive.

With over 50 community partners, customers can decide where the profits will go.  Closer to Home invites it supporters to consider switching from their current electricity supplier to Sponsor Energy.  It is a great way to support our organization without doing anything, except using electricity, which we all do anyway.

Click here to switch now and to learn more about Sponsor Energy and its partnership with Closer to Home.