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Stronger Families Parenting Program

Stronger Families Parenting Program is designed for parents/caregivers, children and families to learn parenting skills, enhance communication and grow stronger together.

Through this program, our Parent Educator can provide you with community resources that can be accessed in a time of need.

In this program for parents/caregivers and children, families learn practical parenting strategies, enhance their parent-child communication, and build family relationships. We offer workshops, parenting programs, drop-in programs and one-on-one support. Our Parent Educator also provides resources to the community to help families access support in their time of need.

This is a 4 week course that meets once per week for 2.5 hours each session.

To register, call (403) 543-0555 or complete the registration form below.

All FRN programs are offered on an as-needed basis. Please view the program calendar to see which programs are currently running, and please contact us if you are interested in participating in a program that is not currently being offered.

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