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Siim ohksin: Wahkotiwin

Siim ohksin: Wahkotiwin is a home visitation program providing support to parents with newborns and children aged 0-6 who are in a variety of at-risk circumstances. These circumstances could include low income, parents without family or community support, a history of abuse/neglect and parents who find it difficult to cope with day-to-day family challenges.

Depending on family needs and the agreement between Home Visitors and families, Home Visitors can visit with a family 1-3 times per week and be involved with a family for as long as one year.

The Siim ohksin: Wahkotiwin Family Support Worker works to enhance parenting skills, improve knowledge and understanding of child development, promote healthy family functioning, and increase connections with their community. Healthy Families is an Early Intervention program, and it is designed to be a launching pad for families and provide the jumpstart they need to raise a healthy, happy family.

The focus of this program is to strengthen parenting capacity and family relationships to prevent potential crime involvement. This program is delivered through the Indigenous lens of ‘Siim ohksin: Wahkotiwin,’ with the intention of enabling participants to restore harmony with self and others and incorporate the principles of Discipline, Responsibility, Respect and Accountability into their lives to prevent involvement or further involvement with the justice system.

The Family Support Worker will connect with these and other families to establish trusting relationships in their homes, community or at Pekewe, teach parenting knowledge/skills, and connect families with Elders and Knowledge Keepers at Pekewe and the existing programs and community of Ee-des-spoom-ooh-soop. Families can self-refer by contacting the North Central Family Resource Network.

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