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Foster Care

Closer to Home has been supporting families in Calgary for 20 years.

Sometimes, families face an immense challenge or crisis that causes them to separate. In these scenarios, Foster Parents are critical.

Foster Parents provide a safe, nurturing environment for children to grow and develop during a difficult time in their lives. Foster Parents ensure every child feels loved and valued while learning important life skills such as communication, managing strong emotions and problem-solving. In many cases, the children’s parents are simultaneously working to resolve their challenges and hope to be reunited with their children.


Every kid needs to know that they are special and they belong somewhere. It’s amazing to see children find their confidence.
Jody, Foster Care Manager

Foster Parents are part of a team that helps families grow, learn and achieve their full potential. What is it like to be a Foster Parent with Closer to Home? Hear from current and past Foster Parents as they talk about their experiences.