On a daily basis, Closer to Home works with families and communities to address a broad spectrum of issues that may put families at risk of being separated or falling into crisis. Some families are one situation away from spiraling into crisis and increased stress leading to family breakdown.  At the surface life seems to be running smoothly. Then a wild fire takes over, or a job is lost or one flees their home and moves to a new country, and sometimes, sadly, all of the above.

Families who engage successfully with Closer to Home’s Family Programs will:

  • Build stronger relationships with their children;
  • Develop a greater understanding of their children’s developmental needs;
  • Learn skills that allow for more positive communication with their youth;
  • Learn how to address their child’s challenging behaviour while remaining nurturing and supportive; and
  • Build stronger social support networks through an increased number of relationships and community connections, which in turn helps support their parenting.