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Urgent Call for Donations to Adopt-a-Family Program – Deadline is Dec. 10, 2021

This year, Closer to Home has identified a record number of families needing support through Adopt-a-Family. 430 families are registered, and as of today, only 144 are adopted by a donor. And there are 350 more families on the waiting list, which grows daily. Without increased financial support now, Closer to Home faces the heartbreaking decision to turn away families in need this year.

The hard reality is that not all children and families get to experience the kind of holiday season many of us take for granted. Having food on the table and gifts for loved ones is simply out of reach for many in our community.

For more than ten years, Closer to Home’s Adopt-a-Family program has helped thousands of vulnerable families lift that worry off their shoulders. But this year, the need is more significant than ever before. 

With limited time left and many more families needing assistance, we are putting out an urgent call to our community. We need to have the donations by December 10 to ensure families can receive their gifts by December 24. Any amount you can give today will make a huge difference to Calgarians this season.


We want to ensure every family is supported, loved and cared for this holiday season. You could make a big difference for a family who’s struggling this time of year.

Donations to our Adopt-a-Family program are used to provide gift cards rather than physical gifts, empowering parents and caregivers to make their own choices about what their families need most, whether that’s warm winter clothing, toys, or groceries.

But beyond the gift cards, Adopt-a-Family lets families know that someone cares and that the community is with them. Knowing you are not forgotten, that you can rely on the kindness of strangers, is what the holiday season is truly about.


How to donate? 

Visit our Adopt-a-Family page and select your donation amount. To learn more about the impact of your giving, read our blog here.


To schedule an interview with Suzan Valenta, Director of Philanthropy at Closer to Home, please contact:

Gillian MacDonald
Communications Specialist, Closer to Home Community Services