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Behind our New Website

Have you noticed something different? That’s right; our website has changed!

We knew it was time to revamp our website to match our new look and feel brand inspired by our logo (brand) launch which happened on August 30. Our goal for creating the new website was to ensure easy access to information about us, our programs and to register on the spot. With the help of our friends at Strut Creative, we created a site to better serve our community with a thoughtful user experience. As you navigate through our new site, your experience is streamlined, making it easier to find information, register or contact us as needed.  

A sincere thanks to Strut Creative, as they brought our vision to life. Our kin elements (the heart and circles in and around the house) symbolically represent hope, healing, and home while emulating strength, stability, and optimism. They also signify how the community and those we serve find their place and spaces together both inside and outside our programs and resources – growing stronger together. These elements are masterfully showcased throughout our new website as a balance of structured and organic shapes that represent unity, inclusivity, diversity, family and community — just like our logo.

Have you had a chance to read our updated mission and vision statements? These have been re-envisioned by our Board and executive to also align with our organizational goals.

Our Vision:

Every child thriving within supportive family and community relationships.

Our Mission:

Closer to Home Community Services facilitates growth and belonging in communities of meaningful relationships. Our integrity is grounded in evidence-based practice authentically informed by, and connected to, diverse cultural wisdom. We journey with children and families to uncover strength, hope and healing, creating new possibilities for a brighter future.

As you explore the site, we hope you love it just as much as we do.