** Please note: Due to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation, Pekewe House is closed for the time being. **

Kiwehtata is a program serving Indigenous families, which focuses on building strong family relationships through smudging, sharing, ceremony, medicine wheel, traditional teachings and teaching positive parenting strategies.

“This is like my little safe haven where I can be closer to my culture. I feel really safe and welcomed here.” — Program Participant

Kiwehtata is about learning, growing and healing as an Indigenous parent. The program provides an environment that is supportive of the whole family and gives parents an opportunity to build on their strengths. The program provides access to supports, smudging, Elders and resources, and teaches effective parenting strategies in a positive atmosphere where culture and traditions are respected and honoured.

All programs are held at Pekewe House. Childcare is provided.

For more information on Kiwehtata, please contact Amanda at (403) 869-5030 or email apaul@closertohome.com.