This program through the Closer to Home Family Resource Network offers families resources that provide children with new avenues of learning, and parents with resources to assist them in their parenting. Parents will also receive training and education in their homes and in programs such as Common Sense, Nobody’s Perfect and Early Literacy groups to help them build parenting skills and create more positive family environments for their children. The program addresses parenting strategies, healthy child development, family violence issues, issues rooted in poverty and isolation, and employment opportunities. Family Support Workers work with families to identify their goals and needs and set plans to alleviate concerns and achieve their goals.

To register, call (403) 543-0555 or email to meet an intake worker at the Family Resource Network.

** Please note: All FRN programs are offered on an as-needed basis. Please view the program calendar here to see which programs are currently running, and please contact us if you are interested in participating in a program that is not currently being offered. **