Community Teaching Homes

The Teaching Homes are programs that provide individualized treatment with support services for each youth that is referred by Children’s Services in order to meet their individual needs. These include:

  • Providing supervision and treatment to the youth in a community-based teaching home
  • Live-in Teaching Parents and other staffing supports that help youth learn the skills necessary to:
    • Successfully return home
    • Move to another long-term placement
    • Live independently

Children who are brought into care and are placed in our community-based teaching homes will have the opportunity to create a treatment plan with the teaching parents, identify important skills that will benefit them in learning how to deal with others such as family members, skills for school and work, skills for being involved in the community, and skills for living independently. By creating these opportunities, children in the teaching home programs will discover their success while in the program and will generalize their newly learned skills in future placements as well as all settings of their life long-term.

All youth are referred by Children’s Services and have core protection status.