Closer to Home Community Services (CTH) offers Training Services to assist organizations in developing effective programs for children, youth and families. CTH is an Accredited Sponsor Agency for the Teaching-Family Association (TFA).

Closer to Home’s progressive and success based mentoring model allows each agency to develop at a pace that is comfortable, cost-effective and realistic. Services are completely tailored to each organization’s needs as the TFA standards invite flexibility and creativity.

Since 2007, Closer to Home Community Services has been actively involved in the development and dissemination of the Teaching-Family Model with several child and family serving organizations in the United States. CTH is currently a consultant agency to a large youth serving agency in New Zealand, and has supported a large school-based/day treatment agency in Cincinnati, Ohio as well as two agencies working with dependent adults in both Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee in achieving accreditation.

We train agencies in all aspects of treatment practices, program components and organizational systems to support the professional development of practitioners and deliver effective outcomes for clients. Our goal is to work closely with an organization until they meet the rigorous practice standards of the Teaching-Family Association and are accredited as TFA Sponsor Site.

Development Process

For an agency to become a TFA Accredited Sponsor Agency, it must be sponsored and supported through the development process by an existing Accredited Sponsor Agency. Calgary-based Closer to Home Community Services is a TFA Accredited Sponsor Agency that disseminates the Teaching-Family Model of care across North America and worldwide.

Closer to Home provides on-site consultations and ongoing support through the entire development process. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Skill-based training and assistance with the development of training workshops that demonstrate inclusion of all principals of the Teaching-Family Model.
  • Training and consultation on the implementation of the four TFA systems: training, consultation, evaluation and facilitative administration.
  • Assessment and consultation on the integration of the four TFA systems.
  • Development and implementation of outcomes measures and reporting systems.
  • Assistance with changes to policies and procedures, staffing models and documentation as needed.
  • Preparation for the initial on-site review.

The process is unique to each agency and dependent on several factors including size, type of service(s) provided, skill level/experience, and commitment to development. Therefore, there is not a set timeframe from the initiation of development to the accreditation of an agency.

Agencies reaching the status of Accredited Sponsor Site can sponsor other agencies into the organization under the same conditions outlined in this document.


Closer to Home fees are individually negotiated and based on the size and the complexity of the developing organization. Costs typically range from $20,000-$50,000 per year, plus associated travel expenses. Actual cost can vary depending on how quickly an agency installs the model. Agencies generally spend up to three years in development with the goal of becoming an Accredited Sponsor Site with TFA.

For more information about Training Services, please contact Karen Olivier at (403) 543-0550, Ext. 229 or email