The Pekewe Family Reunification Program began in 2004 as a way to facilitate the preservation and reunification of Indigenous families involved with Child and Family Services. Families lived together with their children at “Pekewe House” and the program provided a safe, nurturing and highly-supportive environment while they worked on developing the skills and social support they needed to live successfully in their community.

With realignment of Child and Family Services’ focus, the program was phased out in October 2014.

Today, the facility is used for cultural workshops, Indigenous ceremonies and programs.

Currently, CTH Home Visitation (Healthy Families) staff work out of Pekewe House and our Kiwehtata Parenting Program is based in the home, with an Elder available by appointment every other week and a specific space for Elders.

For more information on Indigenous Services, please contact Arlene Oostenbrink at (403) 543-0550, Ext. 234.