Imagine the difference you can make in the lives of children and youth right here in Calgary.

Six-year-old Hisham raised money for Closer to Home instead of accepting birthday gifts. He was so excited to be able to help other kids with his donation!

When six-year-old Hisham decided to ask for donations to Closer to Home instead of birthday gifts for himself, he knew it would make a positive impact on other kids like him. Because of his gift, kids from low-income families, like Zander*, will have the resources they need to succeed, like a new backpack and important supplies to get him through the school year.

You can make a difference too.

Start planning your community fundraiser today! Here are some easy ideas to help you spread the word and raise dollars for Closer to Home this fall:

  • Jeans at the Office: This one couldn’t be easier (or be a better excuse to dress comfy this winter!) – have your office host a blue jeans day. Encourage your colleagues to wear jeans for the day, in exchange for a small donation to CTH.
  • Crazy Hawaiian Shirt Day: It’s cold outside. Convince your employer to allow staff in the office to wear Hawaiian shirts in exchange for a small donation to Closer to Home. Then, dream of the Hawaiian islands!
  • Treats for Charity: Recruit your colleagues, friends and family, and bake holiday cookies and treats. Bring them to your office or school and sell them, with proceeds in support of Closer to Home.

We’re here to support you along the way. Need a guest speaker for your event or help creating a poster or other info materials? Perhaps you have a unique fundraising idea and need some help fine tuning the details. We’re just a phone call or email away!

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Please contact Jessica at or (403) 543-0550, Ext 250.


*Name changed to protect privacy