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Adopt a Family FAQ2019-12-17T09:51:02-06:00

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Closer to Home’s annual Adopt-a-Family initiative supports low-income families who would otherwise be unable to provide their families with a joyful Christmas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I budget for?2019-10-08T16:21:26-06:00

In order to ensure all participating families benefit equally, Closer to Home recommends donors stay within the suggested gift value guidelines of $100 per family member for gifts, and $50 per family member for a grocery gift card.

What type of items are most in need?2019-10-08T16:21:16-06:00

Items frequently in need include bedding, grocery gift cards, kitchen tools, clothing and more. We also encourage donors to include some fun items to make families smile on Christmas morning, such as toys or movie passes. Your family’s wish list will indicate their specific needs.

How are gift recipients chosen?2019-10-08T16:21:03-06:00

All Adopt-a-Family recipients are currently receiving services at Closer to Home, or reside in our catchment area and have been referred by a Family Support Worker or one of our partner agencies.

Can I donate used items?2019-10-08T16:20:39-06:00

Due to the volume of items we receive at Christmastime, we are unable to accept donations of used items during Adopt-a-Family. If you have gently used items that you would like to donate to Closer to Home, please feel free to contact us after the holidays.

How should I package up my gifts?2019-10-08T16:20:15-06:00

We recommend separating unwrapped gifts for each recipient into its own bag or container. Please label all gifts with the corresponding family member number so that parents or guardians know who each intended recipient is. In the past, donors have used containers or bags that can be re-used in the family’s home, such as laundry baskets, reusable grocery bags, plastic storage containers, etc. If you wish to include gift receipts, particularly for clothing items and shoes, please attach the receipt to the item.

Why do my gifts need to be unwrapped?2019-10-08T16:20:03-06:00

We ask that you do not wrap gifts so that parents and guardians can personally wrap their child’s gifts and participate fully in the holiday spirit. Additionally, Closer to Home must be able to verify the gifts that are delivered to our families. If you wish to wrap the parent/guardian’s gifts, you may place them in gift bags. With your gift package, you may include wrapping paper and tape, or gift bags and tissue paper.

How do I drop off my gifts?2019-10-08T16:19:45-06:00

Donations can be dropped off by Tuesday December 17, 2019 at Closer to Home’s main office at 3507A 17 Avenue SW (we are located on the second floor of the building). Our office hours are 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday to Friday (closed on weekends and statutory holidays). If you need to drop your gifts off outside our regular hours, please let us know.

Please schedule your drop-off time in advance here:

Please let us know if you require assistance or the use of our elevator to bring your donations upstairs – we are happy to help!

Any other questions? Please contact Jessica at (403) 543-0550, Ext. 250 or

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