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Adopt a Family FAQ2020-10-29T10:37:45-06:00

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Closer to Home’s annual Adopt-a-Family initiative helps low-income families provide their children with all the joys of Christmas.

Donate by December 3rd to support a family!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I budget for?2020-10-13T15:54:40-06:00

In order to ensure all participating families benefit equally, Closer to Home recommends donors stay within these suggested gift value guidelines:


What are families most in need of?2020-09-21T15:20:20-06:00

Items frequently needed include bedding, kitchen tools, clothing, groceries and more. Each family will be provided with gift cards to help them purchase gifts and groceries for their family.

How are gift recipients chosen?2020-09-21T15:20:34-06:00

All Adopt-a-Family recipients are currently receiving services at Closer to Home and have been referred by a Family Support Worker or one of our partner agencies.

Why can’t I donate items/gifts?2020-09-21T15:20:56-06:00

Due to COVID-19 safety protocols, we are unable to accept in-kind donations this year.

Why is part of my donation going to the Seasons of Hope Fund?2020-10-13T15:55:52-06:00

In order to help even more families, Closer to Home has created this special fund that will support families in need year-round. The Seasons of Hope Fund will help families avoid eviction, keep the lights on at home, put food on their table and more. Imagine! Not only will you be supporting a family at Christmastime, a portion of your donation will be pooled with others to support multiple families YEAR-ROUND.

Click here to read stories of these donations in action.

How will my donation be distributed to my adopted family?2020-09-21T15:21:12-06:00

Each family will be provided with a package of gift cards to help them purchase gifts and groceries for their family. These will be distributed by our staff, using safety guidelines and precautions set out by Alberta Health Services.

Any other questions? Please contact Jessica at (403) 681-6744 or

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