May 21, 2020

Closer to Home’s North Central Family Resource Network is currently under construction in Beddington Heights.

After 25 years supporting thousands of vulnerable children, youth and families through its West Central Family Resource Centre, Closer to Home Community Services has opened a new Family Resource Network in North Central Calgary.

This announcement comes after the closure of West Central in April.

“It is a bittersweet moment, as we have built many strong and fruitful partnerships in west central communities over the past 25 years,” says Karen Olivier, CEO. “We look forward to getting to know our new families and community partners in North Central Calgary, and will continue working with our partners in the southwest to ensure children, youth and families in the area know how to access the supports and resources they need moving forward.”

About Closer to Home’s North Central Family Resource Network

Closer to Home’s North Central Family Resource Network will serve communities north of 16th Ave and west of Deerfoot Trail to Crowchild Trail.

Closer to Home’s North Central Family Resource Network (FRN) embodies our goal of building family resiliency by offering a coordinated approach to early intervention programs and services in north central Calgary communities. Led by an experienced team, including Program Coordinator Minoush Rafie with 25 years of experience, the FRN collaborates with community partners to deliver programs and services to promote healthy child/youth development, strengthen parent/caregiver capacity to meet their family’s needs, and facilitate building strong community connections and supports for families.

Using a strength-based, family-centered approach, Closer to Home partners with families to identify challenges, strengths, goals and desired outcomes, helping families to access community resources, providing information about programs, and removing any barriers to access. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when many families across our city are facing additional stressors such as job loss, social isolation, negative mental health impacts and more, these services – delivered creatively to ensure the health of our community and staff – are more important than ever.

Acknowledging Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Providing Culturally Respectful Services for Diverse Families

Closer to Home’s North Central Family Resource Network provides programs and services that recognize and are respectful of the many cultural backgrounds of the families we serve, offering programs for New Canadians and Indigenous families.

An Indigenous perspective on healing, well-being, parenting and resiliency informs all of Closer to Home’s work. We acknowledge the Traditional Knowledge of the First Nations, Métis and Inuit people and understand any early intervention and prevention strategies for Indigenous children, youth and families must be informed by the Indigenous Worldview.

Services are provided through safe and trusting relationships in which families are invited to participate in their own goal setting, identify potential solutions and engage in relational accountability to support the achievement of their family goals.

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Media Contact

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